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Environment Theme Center

Generate and develop products and research which promote qualitative and quantitative maintenance of natural resources linked to swine and poultry production; acting in He reduction of the polluting power of swine and poultry productive chain, adapting and developing management technologies, treatment and recycling of residues, the evaluation of the environmental impact in various ecosystems and in production systems common to the swine and poultry production, in the environmental management of properties and hydrographic basin, in environmental education of the players in the swine and poultry productive chain, to outline models and policies for the development of swine and poultry production, prioritizing the conservation of the environmental quality.


Main repercussions of the research of the Theme Center

1) Environmental research for swine and poultry producers;
2) Contributions to the progress of the knowledge about biological reactors using swine dejects (biodigestors, UASB, RBA, etc.) in the removal of the organic charge as well as nutrients;
3) Purification and energetic use of biogas;
4) Introduction of research of technology for the management of swine dejects through the solid route – sobresposta bedding and compost of dejects;
5) Supply the technical subsidies for the revision and update of environmental legislations relative to the swine and poultry chain;
6) Transmission of technology and management practices and treatment of residues in swine and poultry production, aiming at environmental improvement in regions with high concentration of these activities;
7) Participating in political forums aiming at supplying technical support in questions relative to pollution caused by the swine and poultry productive chain.


- Airton Kunz - Line of research: New methodologies to relieve industrial effluents, evaluation of environmental impacts.
- Cláudio Rocha de Miranda  - Line of research: Sustainable rural development and participative methods, Environmental Education, Environmental Management, Environment, Environmental Planning for swine production.
- Juliano Corulli Corrêa - Line of research: Land Fertility, Environment
- Julio Cesar Pascale Palhares  - Line of research: Evaluation of environmental impacts, Environmetal impacts, Environmetal Management, Racionalization of the use of natural resources, Quality of water, Swine production, Animal performance, Environmental Pollution;
- Martha Mayumi Higarashi - Line of research: Management and treatment of residues produced by animals, Environment, Environmental monitoring.
- Milton Antonio Seganfredo - Line of research: Environmental control, Land fertility, Environment.
- Paulo Armando Victoria de Oliveira  - Line of research: Management and treatment of residual domestic and industrial water, Management and treatment of residues produced by animals, Environment, Environmental monitoring, Technology and methodologies of environmental management related to swine dejects. 
- Ricardo Luis Radis Steinmetz
- Rosemari Martini Mattei

1) Clean Technologies applied to swine production: establishing sanitary and environmental Standards for the re-use of effluents from the activity as subsidy for the conservation and efficient use of water. 
Leader: Airton Kunz

2) Development of equipment for the automation of the treatment of swine dejects via the compost process;
Leader: Paulo Armando V. de Oliveira

3) Outlining of a management of hydric resources model in hydrographic basins characterized by intense animal production;
Leader: Júlio C. P. Palhares

4) Swine production and communication: instruments for the increase in the circulation of information which promote a new relationship between the swine productive chain and the environment; 
Leader: Jean C. P. Vilas Boas Souza

5) Family Agriculture and the environment in the ‘Alto Uruguay’ region;
Leader: Cláudio Rocha de Miranda

6) Development of aquaculture production modules based on Good Management practices (GMP).
- Test the efficiency of sedimentation bays in the reduction in the organic charge and solids on suspension in cultivation water and effluents under the policultivation of fish in the southern region;
- Evaluate the possibility of reuse of effluents in the swine/fish production integrated system , after the treatment for productive or reasons.
Leader: Julio C. P. Palhares.

7) New uses of residues for bioenergy.
- Comparison of the quality of biogas generated in anaerobic biodigestors located in different regions of Brazil.
Leader: Airton Kunz

8) Use of pyrolysed biomass for the improvement of land quality and agricultural productivity and in the reduction of emissions of greenhouse effect gases;
- Use of coal as filter for liquid residues of swine dejects and manipueira;
- Use of  biochar with poultry bedding and effluents from biodigesters;
- Biological Funcionalization of  carbonized material.
Leader: Juliano C. Correa

9) Agricultural and environmental evaluation of swine production – bio fertilization in São Gabriel do Oeste in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.
Monitoring and quality of effluents and biogas;
Leader: Paulo Armando de Oliveira

10) Social Technologies for water management.
- Strategies for environmental education.
Leader: Cláudio R. Miranda

11) Reference procedures for gas pollutant emissions and effluents storage system.
- Calibration of the models and validation for Brazil.
Leader: Paulo Armando V. de Oliveira
Embrapa Suínos e Aves